The Real Jewels in your Heart’s Core

20130126_Burkina_Faso_00024-382_extra_big                   Women have been in love with glittery objects from the very beginning, perhaps from the stone age it self came into existence, so its pretty much obvious meant for women; jewelries, colors and costumes. These are what makes them look beautiful and looking beautiful has become the  most essential repertoire they have to keep up with.

Diamonds as we are all aware of, the most precious stone in earth and women’s biggest ardor for, she wants to be on it, in it and win it. It’s a dream to accomplish to some and a dream come true to the other. Diamond has always caught the attention. They are rare, hidden deep underneath the earth maybe that is why it is so precious to be found, expensive to win upon and grandstands anyone who gapes through admiring each facets but not just anyone  agrees to that.

These are the children of Africa. Children toiling for you and your diamonds.This might sound preposterous and beneath contempt but it aces truth. Polished diamonds aren’t from the hands of experts on front but from the shackled hands behind the scene. Yes every time when you wish your boyfriend or your hubby could astound you with a diamond ring,  these children pays the price. People who greed money out of our desire is taking advantage working as a middle man illegally abducting young children away from their parents, drugging them, manipulating them and luring them to get into diamond mines all day long with very unhygienic and lethal condition of environment. Most of these children dies tragically out of accidents, succumbed to sickness and some are murdered brutally.

These kind of illegal activities are passed out by rebel groups so government can’t do much nor can the UNICEF, it has adapted as a chain of life but we can break that, slackening their chances to be affluent. As one human to another, I personally think if we are comprehensive about the matter we should act. People might ask what can we do about it?”, I’ve pondered and I think there’s a lot we can do. No wonder we look beautiful and obvious the hardship behind it chisels the feminine glamour but i wonder how we will feel beautiful. We don’t need a wardrobe of jewelries we have the real jewels in our heart to have enough of what we have to save these children. Having enough, lessening demands; these can be the small efforts that we can try out with but it will go a long way to make a huge difference in these children’s life. Ecstacy we will procure from our genuine effort, whether big or small will give us the beauty that we can feel our whole life.

Remember your effort can lessen these children’s ordeal. They are like ours to care for. Be a part of the change.


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