The Labyrinth

Nobody takes a leap nor can. Dream is a passage without attending to any shortcuts, you cannot even delude yourself of that. Dream just happens to be one way road. Amid “the before and after” dream, it’s a labyrinth i’ll be walking at. One minute I see it all before me and the other minute, I am just shoved away, way back. Does this ever happens to anyone of you in pursuit of your dream?

Delirium, agony throws away their cards simultaneously crumpling you every second that you would want to let it go because you think you can’t take the takes of having it land beside you. That would be a terrible, feeble excuse and you at a generous fault.

It’s the only peace i have ever known and I do want that more, probably until my last breath. I close my eyes and start believing in the modesty of  modality. In life, the first point where you’ll start from will  give you nothing but that’s everything you’ll ever want to remember. I want to feel the magic so bad, so hard, drizzling over me like a rain after a long, frazzling and scorching deserts I’ve passed through. It would be so, so exotic that it will even taste so exquisite whenever i speak of it, just like now, writing down all of this, it feels like I can just caress the existence of the excelling dream right under my palms and even rejuvenates as my nerves, cells and everything that I’m made of feels, born once again.

It’s the divinity of the Labyrinth but I guess I’m still on my grounds and the way up is awaiting. So i need to put an effort. Hard will just drive me close enough and that’s not enough, I need to work harder and to the hardest. I guess you guys have understood that dreams are hard, but that should never stop you, ever. You should be that one bad ass who will tear down those walls. It’s the preciseness in the true measure of a dreamer.

I guess Dream can perform Miracle and I’ll buy this one thing only 🙂poppy_sketch_2__10150__daily_painter_textured_popp_1d004297bfa534f40e95de80982a83ae



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